Come and relax at Cwmcroiddur

Cwmcroiddur, pronounced 'coom-croy-ther'.

Translated, Cwmcroiddur means 'valley of clear water'

We have two comfortable self catering properties in a beautiful and unspoilt part of Carmarthenshire.

Our properties are very distinctive.
Clear Water Cottage. This Visit Wales Four Star rated cottage, with its metre thick walls and massive timbers enjoys a traditional cosy cottage feel. Meanwhile, Clear Water Barn, also Four Star rated by Visit Wales, is a grand, spacious barn conversion, with high ceilings and a feeling of being in a very special place.

Clear Water Barn – (sleeps five) and Clear Water Cottage (sleeps four) are part of Cwmcroiddur, a small country estate a mile from the picture-postcard village of Cilycwm.

Cwmcroiddur started life, hundreds of years ago, as a hill farm. The first building was Clear Water Cottage. The barn, farmhouse and outbuildings were added in the 1850s.

In reinventing Cwmcroiddur for the 21st century, we’ve made this a place where our guests can enjoy the Carmarthenshire countryside, while living in a comfortable home from home.

Clear Water Cottage and Clear Water Barn are both available to rent for self-catering holidays and short breaks.

Read a poem by one of our guests

Coming to Cwmcroiddur (2012)

After the drama of the mountain pass
The rain swept distances
After the roads that wind and turn
Under canopies of trees bursting with buds
Or following the line of a brook swollen with rain
Despite the threatened drought

After the small, quiet town
Not made for traffic that now chokes its streets
After this and so much more

Expectation building
The barn on a hillside that signals the final turn

Gravel thick with moss slides under the wheels
The silly ewe teaches her lambs how to panic
Till they find a place to stand and watch with baleful eyes
After the first glimpse of the gable end
The garden like a frilled hem about the house
The smoke that rises from the chimneys

After the assemblage of body, brain and baggage
There is, at last, the longed for welcome
The warmth of friends well met
A steaming mug of tea and a sense of belonging

by Judy Forbes

The location

Clear Water Barn at Cwmcroiddur

Cwmcroiddur nestles in a small south-facing valley, with woodland on one side and open hillside on the other. To the south, there’s an amazing panorama across rolling farmland to the peaks of the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountain. Behind the buildings, the land rises to reveal miles of wild, open country. If it’s walking, mountain biking, bird watching or just taking in the view you’re looking for, then this is the place for you.

Or how about panning for gold, fishing, horse-riding or browsing the local antique shops and delis? There are mountains, canals, castles and beaches, museums and shopping centres, all within easy reach. And just a short walk away is the Neaudd Fawr Arms, Cilycwm’s friendly pub, serving excellent food and drink. More things to do during your holiday at Cwmcroiddur.

Back at Cwmcroiddur, after a leisurely or action-packed day, there’s nothing better than sitting outside the Cottage or Barn, listening to the breeze in the trees and the stream meandering down the valley, sipping a drink while counting the stars overhead.

The back story

Neuadd Fawr Arms Pub in Cilycwm

When we first discovered Cwmcroiddur, we knew that we had arrived at an extraordinary place. The, barn, cottage, house and assorted outbuildings seem to stand apart from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

For somewhere not too far off the beaten track, Cwmcroiddur has a timeless, relaxed atmosphere. It’s easy to feel close to nature here and a long way from the rat race. This suits our ambition to enjoy a better work-life balance than we had in our previous careers as programme-makers in the television industry. Nowadays, we use our creative skills in all sorts of ways, including, of course, looking after Cwmcroiddur and its guests.

We look forward to sharing our great discovery with you.